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Inspire Counseling and Support Center
Leominster MA

Inspire Counseling and Support Center located in Leominster MA offers a diverse range of services which includes but is not limited to case management, psychiatric evaluations, a range of behavioral health services for children and teens, substance use treatment, mental health counseling and group therapy.

We are experienced in treating depression, substance use, PTSD, and other behavioral health areas. Our case management services help individuals navigate through systems to find resources that range from employment, housing, childcare, and healthcare. We offer individual, group and family counseling, we can tailor your mental health needs in a way that will guide you to have a brighter and healthier life. We believe in a personalized approach and work to help you achieve your goals. Our counselors and case managers will work with you to personalize your own treatment and support you on your journey for a brighter and healthier life.

Behavioral health services are available for children (seven years and older), adolescents and adults. All of our services are available in both English and Spanish.
We accept most major insurance providers, including Medicaid. To see if your insurance plan is included, you can click here.


Your Team

Katina Theodorou, LMHC

Clinical Site Director

Connecting with fellow human beings who are putting their trust and hope in a therapeutic experience is a humbling and rewarding experience. I’m passionate about the work I do because I believe that everyone deserves to be happy, healthy, safe, and free. The mission of this company to “inspire brighter and healthier lives” embodies the core of what we all strive for in life.


Nancy Pope

Program Director

I am in the Substance Use Disorder/Mental Health field for many reasons, one being that I myself am a person in long term recovery of 20+ years. I have a lot to offer the SUD/MH community with my life experience and education. I believe there is no wrong way to recover in a compassionate, healthy and supportive environment. This work is where my passion lies.

Heather Simpson


When I was 25-years-old, I lost someone very close to me to a drug overdose. This person was my significant other. This was the first time that I realized that my passion in life was to assist others in seeing how strong and capable they truly are. While heart-breaking, this tragic loss paved my path towards the field of mental health counseling. At Inspire Counseling and Support Center, we as counselors are able to provide a warm environment to welcome a variety of clients, from all walks of life. Within these walls, we are able to provide the most effective tools and insights to support our clients through their most challenging life experiences and to find their true potential.

Brittany Marshall


Growing up, I felt as though my own anxiety was never fully understood by adults other than my parents, and it has been a constant game of “figuring it out on my own” in school, sports, and relationships. In college, I realized that more and more younger people were struggling with greater mental health issues than my own, and were voicing concerns about “not being taken seriously, or worried about the judgement they may recieve” I knew at that point I desired to help give more people the opportunity for help that they may not have known to reach for as a child. I firmly believe that mental health is just as important as your physical health, and I strive to meet everyone where they are at. Having worked in school-based counseling before, I am discovering that I truly have a passion for the younger population, and I love to make my space a fun, welcoming, and accepting environment for everyone.

Cailee Norton


As a teenager I struggled with my own mental health challenges and because of an amazing Clinician I was provided the space to find balance and healing through an environment that was comforting, accepting, and empathic. This clinician inspired me to continue that growth and create that empathic safe space for others. I strive to provide a space for others in the same way I was given that space. I believe in the importance of our environment, how our thoughts impact our emotions, and finding balance in life. At Inspire Counseling and Support Center, we seek to uplift clients to make changes, process life’s challenges, and feel supported in the process


Use Your Insurance For Therapy

We accept all major insurance providers
Blue Cross Blue Shield
United Healthcare
Harvard Pilgrim
New Hampshire Medicaid
Tufts Health Plans
Commonwealth Care Alliance
Community Care Cooperative
Partners Healthcare Choice
Steward Health Choice


We hope to guide and empower all of our patients through their struggles with diseases and disorders such as anxiety, depression, domestic violence, post-traumatic stress disorders and substance abuse.

Counseling and Treatment Services

Case Management Services
Psychiatric Evaluations
Psychiatric Medication Management
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Alcohol And Substance Abuse Therapy
Dual Diagnosis Counseling
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Therapy For Depression And Anxiety
Couples Counseling
Grief Counseling 
And More…

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Contact Information

Address: 29 Main Street Leominster MA
Phone: 978-786-9660
Fax: 978-225-7797

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